ENTER PIN Promotion by Budweiser (2012)

Each cap has a different team name stamped in the middle of the cap.

Those were from the Stanley Cup play-offs of 2012.
The first three letters of one line, usually the first, if I remember correctly,
indicated the name of the team, the next number was the round of the play-offs.
Budweiser had a web site and you entered the full code and were able to fill in a grid
showing the full play-off format. As you got the correct team and round you filled in the grid.
Of course you couldn't go to the next round until the teams had completed their series
and a winner declared. If you got the full compliment for the play-off then you were
elligible to win a trip to a game in the finals.
You were allowed a couple of wild-cards. As far as I know it was national in Canada.

Complete Set: 32