DAP Modello Depositato
CCI - Conserva Italia
S - Contrassegno Corac
S - Conserva Italia

FLAGS by VALFRUTTA Old Sets (between 1980 - 1990)

Complete Sets: 157 Flags, 10 caps with motor-cycles and cars, 21 Letters, 10 Numbers,
5 mathematic symbols, 1 Valfrutta logo,

The caps are produced by 3 different factorys ("DAP","CCI", "S") from "CCI" and "dap" gives 2 different designs
(Conserve Italia and Contrassegno Numbers) and from "S" 3 different designs. So I think that it gives 7 sets.

FACTORY "DAP-Contrassegno Numbers"

Flags (I miss 58 caps)


Motorcycles and Cars

Letters (I miss 6 caps)


Numbers (I miss 1 cap)


Olympia Games (I miss 3 caps)


Mathematical Symbols (I miss 1 cap)

Valfrutta logo